Home Seller Resources

Find out what your home is worth – Here’s a great tool that is easy to use.  Simply type in some general information and I’ll email you what I think your home is worth based on market data and real estate conditions.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home – This is a comprehensive article from our sister site that covers just about everything in detail for selling your home.  You’ll find:

  • Making the decision to sell
  • Preparing your home to sell
  • Finding the right Realtor
  • Proper pricing
  • Marketing
  • Dealing with Showings
  • Closing the deal
  • FAQ’s


Preferred Vendors – A helpful list that provides businesses that we real estate professionals use everyday.  From landscapers to title companies, you’ll find a local vendors who are great at what they do.

Pre-Listing Package – If you are considering selling your home in the Mobile area or Baldwin County, I’ve laid out exactly what I’ll do in order to get the job done right.  Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Letter to the Home Seller
  • Biography of the Agent
  • The 3 Major Goals
  • My Commitment to You
  • The Process of Selling
  • My Marketing Plan
  • The 201 Step Action Plan
  • 47 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster
  • All About Pricing
  • My Easy Exit Listing Agreement